Start the Spark for Youth Mental Health

The Inferno are proud to partner with the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre for our annual “Start the Spark” Youth Mental Health Game on February 18th, 2017 against Les Canadiennes de Montreal.  

For the month of February leading up to the game, players from the Inferno will be entering schools as part of the Sparks Mentorship Program to offer education, mentorship and support for at risk youth. For this year’s game we are launching a "Virtual Ticket" campaign. Fans and supporters from Calgary and across the country that are not able to attend the game can still help us make the event a success by purchasing a ticket or tickets to send others to gather and raise awareness for an important cause. Proceeds raised at the game will go back in to funding Sparks.

We are reaching out to companies and other entities to present an opportunity to sponsor a group or groups to attend this game. While tickets are typically $15/each, we offer incremental discount rates for groups of 50 or more. The document below illustrates the packages and donor benefits available. Tax receipts are available for purchases of any quantity.

In addition to general seating, we offer box suite rentals starting at $250. Food and beverage service is also available for an additional fee. Up to 25 tickets may be purchased for a box suite; this cost is over an above the cost of the suite.

The group or organization for which tickets are purchased may be of your own choosing. Alternatively, you can send the participants and families of those in the Sparks Mentorship Program. Portions of the tickets purchased may also be retained to send individuals from your own organization to attend with the sponsored group. 

The attached video provides additional information about the event, the virtual ticket campaign, and about how the Inferno through Start the Spark are changing perspectives and changing lives. Mental Health is an important part of us all. It is time we take initiative in fostering strength, building resiliency and promoting conversation among our youth, they should never feel alone!

Tickets can be purchased at the following link:

If you would like to sponsor a group of 50 or greater and/or require further information about group sponsorship benefits, please contact

Jessica Campbell, Director of Communications for the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre
P: (403) 510 7956
E: [email protected]


Kristen Hagg , Assistant General Manager of the Calgary Inferno
P: (403) 461-7617
E: [email protected]

For additional information on the CWHL, the Calgary Inferno, "Start the Spark" and the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre, please refer to the following links:, 

Thank you for taking the time to consider this opportunity. If the group sales are not of interest, purchases of single tickets are also appreciated. Even if you are unable to offer support, if you could please help us spread the word by sharing the attached videos and documents with people or companies in your network that you think may be interested.