Player Feature: Zoe Hickel

Zoe has been a driving force on offense this season and joins seven other Inferno teammates in the top 20 points standings.

Song I’m obsessed with right now: Promises by Calvin Harris

Pregame ritual: On ice warm ups are specific for me because it’s usually the only thing that is the same for every game. Other variables happen whether we are at home or away, time of day etc. so my rituals occur then. One thing I’ve done since college is take a knee on the blueline when warm up is finishing and throw in passes while teammates are skating around, taking shots on net.

Favorite Place Hockey has taken me: China – definitely the most unique!

Fav NHL team: Vegas Knights!

Favorite Olympic Moment: When the Team USA won the first Olympic Gold in ’98.. that was one of my biggest inspirations to play the game.

Favorite Meal: Fresh Caught King Salmon on anything

Fav place outside the rink: Toss up between being in the mountains with my dog or a river with my fishing pole 🙂

A piece of advice for young players: Shoot for the stars, give it your all, & always remember why you love the game.