Player Feature: Kelly Murray

Kelly Murray has been a tough defender on the Inferno blue line this season. Check out more about her in this week’s player feature.

Song I am obsessed with right now: heartbreaker, pat benatar

Pregame ritual: Go for a walk and get a coffee. Then I’ll stretch out, heat and roll my legs. Afterwards I’ll do some visualization and take a short nap and then watch some clips and highlights from NHL games from the past few days. Lastly I’ll eat white fish or chicken with rice and some broccoli. On my way to the rink I’ll blast some music. At the rink I play soccer with some of the girls and then I’ll go do my warmup and then it’s game time!

Favourite place hockey has taken meKazakhstan with the USPORTS Team Canada

Favourite nhl team: I don’t have a favourite team but my favourite player to watch is Kris Letang from the Pittsburg penguins

Most memorable Olympic moment: Watching the Canadian women’s team win gold at the 2002 olympics, it was watching that game that inspired me to want to play hockey.

Favourite meal: Mac and cheese from Burgoo in Vancouver

Favourite place outside the rinkIn my townhouse on my couch with a good book

Piece of advice to give to young players: When you get to the level where you start working out in a gym, make sure you start doing mental training as well. The mental side of the game is just as important, if not more so in some ways, as physical training. Having a strong mental game will help you to overcome injuries, rough patches, and other situations you find yourself in that are out of your control.

Who’s your idol: I’d have to say my three sisters collectively. All three of them have taught me so much and have been trailblazers for the rest of us in different ways.

Instagram: kmabelmurray

Twitter: Kellymurray_4