Player Feature – Kayla Gardner

Kayla Gardner is one of the Inferno’s new additions for the 2017-2018 season. So far, the forward has proved to be an asset with one goal and one assist. Previously, Gardner played in the NCAA on the University of North Dakota women’s hockey team for four seasons. She hails from Eagle Lake, Ontario, north-west of Thunder Bay.

Favourite NHL team: Boston Bruins

Favourite team Canada player: Sidney Crosby

Most memorable Olympic moment (that you’ve participated in or observed): Sidney Crosby’s overtime winning goal

Best moment as a player: Winning back to back State Championships in High School

Favourite meal: Spaghetti

Favourite place outside of the rink: On the lake in the summer

A piece of advice you’d give young players: Chase your dreams and never give up, it will all be worth it in the end!

Favourite musician: Justin Bieber

Who’s your idol (sporting or otherwise)? Lolo jones

What’s your dream vacation and who would you take? Bora Bora. I would take my sisters, my mom, and my aunties.