Player Feature: Kacey Bellamy

Kacey’s been a stalwart on defense for the Inferno this season and sits in the top five ranking in league defense women with 16 points. Be sure to look out for her at the CWHL All-Star Game on January 20. 

Song I am obsessed with right now: Oh Tonight by Josh Abbott Band ft Kacey Musgraves

Pregame ritual: listen to same song on bus Van Halen-Right Now

Favourite place hockey has taken me: Victoria, British Columbia

Favourite NHL team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Most memorable Olympic moment (that you’ve participated in or observed): 2018 Olympics

Favourite meal: Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with blue cheese crumbles  and Donuts

Favourite place outside of the rink: My parents house

A piece of advice you’d give young players: Play multiple sports. Play outside. Have a dream no matter what is it and make sure you are always loving what you do.

Who’s your idol (sporting or otherwise)? My brother Rob. He follows his heart in everything he does and at 100%