Player Feature: Erica Kromm

Captain Erica Kromm is a Calgary Inferno veteran, playing in her fifth season with the team. Kromm is originally from Naramata, B.C., but went to Brown University where she played for four seasons. Before playing for Brown, Kromm played in the 2007 Canada Winter Games as captain of Team B.C., and she won the 2006 B.C. Winter Games as captain of Team Okanagan.

2017-18 Player Feature

Favourite NHL team: Flames

Favourite team Canada player: TurnB/ Jenner

Most memorable Olympic moment (that you’ve participated in or observed): Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics — Cammi Granato’s game play throughout the tournament

Best moment as a player: Winning the Clarkson Cup

Favourite meal: Pasta and/or Mexican Food

Favourite place outside of the rink: Coffee shop

A piece of advice you’d give young players: Don’t worry about the future, just play for the now.

Favourite musician: Right now it’s Demi Lovato, but typically One Direction

Who’s your idol (sporting or otherwise)? Maximus from “Gladiator”

What’s your dream vacation and who would you take? Europe; my good friend Jayme